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The Habits Code:
The Art Of Mastering Your Domain

Chrysteen Braun, Contributing Author

Why do some things come easy for people?

How can people achieve things seemingly overnight? If you have ever wondered these things, to all you need. If you want to learn how to use your true ability to access the secret habits of the successful, then this may be the most important book you read this year, here's why ...

But first a warning: Despite how the idea of instant habit changes can be made, most of the greatest changes don't happen overnight. You need consistency, patience and a belief in the long game. The principles in this book are readily at your disposal right now, but some of them take time to implement in your life. If you are impatient, or looking for a quick fix, this book probably isn't for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to implement some simple habits and new mindset ideas into your life, then we encourage you to read on.

Most of those you admire built their lives small changes in their daily habits. Some habits can be started today, some may take time. You will be surprised how simple these habits appear, but most of the population struggles. We asked over 20 experts to describe these habits for us, and the result was The Habits Code.

The Habits Code is a life lesson of habits, mindsets and stories of how they have been used to change lives and achieve success.

Start using these principles in your life!

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Contributors: Ray Brehm, Robert Wood Anderson, Ryan Sullivan, Stella Marie Egbuji, Shana M Brownell, Chrysteen Braun, Frank Bruno, Ray Comeau, Frank J DiMaio DC MS, Steve Hummel, Dr. Kixx Goldman, M A Richter, Mariabruna Sirabella, Lisa Robinett, Virginia Ritterbusch, Ted Demopoulos, Lisa McNair Palmer, Patricia Peters, Elma Shaw, Myrtle Russell, Charylle Wolfe, Rick Yvanovich , Tracee Garner, Leigh Brown, Brent Maguire PhD, Toru Ikebuchi, Larry J DeLisio Jr, Adebola Ajao Ph.D, September Harris, Pegg Andrews and Paul Brodie.

Book Reviews

The Habits Code is a compilation of stories from 31 authors. Each one shares their experiences that changed their lives and helped them achieve success. The stories are all very different, but they have a common theme - every person had to overcome some difficulties. Difficulties are normal. We all continue to learn and deal with them. Keep pushing forward! Encouraging!


This book was great for helping me to see that it's ok to allow emotion through, to allow myself breakdowns, and to get right back on track towards goals through the use of daily habits.

-Amanda H.

This book was extremely well written. It's full of anecdotes that will help you navigate your way through life. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is a matter of habit. Persistence and character are criminally overlooked sometimes. This is a recommended read that will open your eyes to what it takes to live a better, more fulfilled life.


Great book about improving and maintaining habits! Plenty of tips and motivation provided within “life lessons” from many different authors! Really interesting read that provides many different perspectives on different situations and how to change your habits and improve your life.



The Habits Code

by Chrysteen Braun

|  excerpt  |

Most people who know me tell me they’ve always thought of me as being a good businesswoman. What they always saw was the duck sitting in the middle of  the pond, basking in the sun and looking pretty; what they never saw, was that that duck was paddling like hell beneath the surface.

Merriam Webster describes success as “a degree or measure of succeeding” or a “favorable or desired outcome” and “the attainment of wealth or favor.” There are many paths that can lead you down that road to success. And success means something different to each of us. It could mean wealth, happiness, recognition and/or financial freedom....

In my lifetime, I’ve taken turns down roads that didn’t lead me to any of these.

When the recession hit in 2008, we lost over half our home remodeling business income overnight. Then it seemed the next month we lost another half, and believe me, that didn’t leave us with much to work with. But I was younger then, and giving up was never an option.

When I was asked to write this chapter for The Habits Code, the idea was to share one habit that helped make me successful. As I made copious notes, I realized there was never just one habit, but many that kept me going.

The first one was perseverance. Even when I was at my lowest, I woke each morning and forced myself to put one foot in front of the other...

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